Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I arrive?  You may enjoy arriving just a few minutes early to get your bearings, meet some friendly people, and grab your seat.  

What do people wear?  You’ll see a range of attire—from jeans and t-shirts to suits and ties.  Come as you are!

What is the service like?  Our service invites you to celebrate!  There is music, prayer, and a hope-filled message.  All messages are grounded in the Word of God and reminds us to pray unceasingly.  And, that we are a group of imperfect people who love Jesus and love each other.

What style of music should I expect?  Contemporary music mixed with hymms.

What about my kids?  Crayons and notebooks are provided.   A Parent/Child room is available with sound.

Where should I park?  We have three entrances!  General Parking is located on the lower side of the building.  Handicap Parking is located on the upper side with an entrance that is handicap accessible.  Enter at the lower level and find coffee waiting.  The front entrance opens into the foyer just outside the Sanctuary.  Here is where you will be greeted.

Is someone going to try and sign me up for something?  No.  We won’t ever pressure you to come back, join our church, or get involved.  We do want to connect with you in a meaningful way though.  If you’re comfortable, sign our guest book and leave your contact information so we can stay in touch.  You will notice Members wearing a "Get Connected" pin.  Ask about how you can get involved when you are ready!